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"You have to applaud Corey's song writing skills and the ability to produce uplifting indie pop rock so well. I cannot help but imagine if these guys got a slot at the Reading festival they could really hit the bit time, especially as there are less talented artists doing the rounds that have found acclaim. Surreal is a band with a lot of potential."
- Fireworks [Rock] Magazine

“These guys…should be on the radio as it is, and I’m sure we’re gonna hear a lot more of ‘em.”
- It’s A Podcast On the Radio

"Received nothing but positive response... One listener in the chat room bought the album on the spot."
- "Experiments in Mass Appeal" 

"Surreal has completely changed how I look at and appreciate music. Everything about this band, and especially this album, is absolutely incredible and inspiring. You will not find a more unique or heartfelt band out there. Each song is rich in sound and feeling, and really makes you live in the music. Their music is catchy yet diverse, and culminates in a feeling that is utterly breathtaking and uplifting."
- H.M., Georgia

"...There is no way to predict how a given song will unfold as one listens to it. There is so much diversity and scope WITHIN EACH SONG, let alone within the larger context of the album as a whole… Suffice to say for now… that I have been enchanted - swept away - by your compositions..."
- P.S., Canada

"You officially just received a biggest fan. I haven't heard anything like it. You're a genius, everything you write- whether it be musically or lyrically-  it's gold. You're an amazing musician and so is everyone else in Surreal. And I'm honestly honored… to get to hear the music you make."
- D.D., New Jersey

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