About Surreal

Surreal is an uplifting, progressive pop/rock band from Atlanta whose music explores some of life's most extraordinary moments. This vision took them to a top 25 spot on national indie radio!

Their goal is to take catchy alt-rock and put a "prog" spin on it. (Think Dashboard Confessional meets Rush!)


What People are Saying

"You have to applaud Corey's song writing skills... I cannot help but imagine if these guys got a slot at the Reading festival they could really hit the big time… Surreal is a band with a lot of potential." 
- Fireworks Magazine

"Surreal has completely changed how I look at and appreciate music. Everything about this band is absolutely incredible and inspiring. You will not find a more unique or heartfelt band out there. Their music is catchy yet diverse, and culminates in a feeling that is utterly breathtaking and uplifting."
- H.M., GA, USA

 "You officially just received a biggest fan. I haven't heard anything like it. You're a genius, everything you write- whether it be musically or lyrically-  it's gold. You're an amazing musician and so is everyone else in Surreal. And I'm honestly honored… to get to hear the music you make."
- D.D., New Jersey, USA 

"Received nothing but positive response. One listener in the chat room bought the album on the spot."
- Experiments in Mass Appeal

"...There is no way to predict how a given song will unfold as one listens to it. There is so much diversity and scope WITHIN EACH SONG, let alone within the larger context of the album as a whole… Suffice to say for now, my dear Mr. Lennox, that I have been enchanted - swept away - by your compositions..."
- P.S., Canada

“These guys…should be on the radio as it is, and I’m sure we’re gonna hear a lot more of ‘em.”
- It’s A Podcast On the Radio

"I loved your music. The style is modern. I think you reinvented progressive rock."
- R.C., Brazil 

"What I like most: it's not a clone of something. It's rather innovatory and fresh."
- A.B., Netherlands 

"I appreciate SURREAL's approach to music - trying to infuse it with an uplifting spirit, lyrically and tonally. "
- S.B., Canada



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